Who am i


I was born in Lycksele a small town in northern Sweden. I have as long as i remember  been interested in archery and horses, but it was my grandfather that inspired me to begin riding. First time I came in contact with Horseback archery was 2007 when i visited a medieval fair in Luleå. I got so inspired that i went back home and started to train in secret on one of the horses at the local riding club. One day i took the horse to the riding house, and i told my friend that she should not worry if the horse takes off we are at least in a riding hall with walls around it. i mounted up and shoot my first arrow from her standing still and then one in walk. those shoots marked the beginning of my career!


  • Name: Emil W. Eriksson
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Bow: Mariner Ming moon  40# 
  • Arrow: 
  • Horse: Google hålleryd


Emil's Gold run at the World championships


Some fun facts about my career, counted from the first competition i participated in!








Km ridden



Different horses


Awards & Recognitions





September 2022


European Championship- 4th Place


General classification 



August, 2022


Swedish Championship - 1st Place


General Classfication



August, 2021


Swedish Championship - 2nd Place 


General classification 




April 26, 2018

Come Back in Jordan 

3rd place in total after the Gharar Style, Jordan 



August 21, 2017

World record 

Korean Style, Sweden           Points: 127,8    

September 15, 2017

Personal Record 

Hungarian Style, Poland          Points: 161.06


October 2015

World Championship - 1st place

Korean style total and Qaback, South Korea